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Former Lafayette high school teacher accused of having sex with student

Joshua Krieg, 27, is in the Lafayette Parish Jail after allegedly having sex with one of his students.

Speed, no seat belt pegged as factors in fatal crash

One person is dead and another severely injured after car accident in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, Friday morning.

Louisiana band director arrested for raping student

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Detectives arrested a local teacher Thursday for allegedly raping one of his students.

Family members file suit after Benson proposes changes to Saints' succession plan

A lawsuit filed Friday, challenges a proposed new succession plan for the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans.

How your Facebook comments helped a homeless Louisiana man

The story of Christian Arvel continues. After the NBC33 broadcast last night, people from all over Louisiana and all over the nation took to social media. In short, your voices were heard.

'Put'em in a Coffin': The new, destructive social media game

"Put him in a coffin," it's the latest social media driven, destructive, attention getting prank to hit the internet. You can find it all over YouTube.

Louisiana farmer feeds the hungry

Ever wonder where food banks get their food? It can come from a number of donors.

Families not allowed to see victims from Texas prison bus crash

Family members of inmates who survived Wednesday's bus wreck are frustrated. They want to see their loved ones at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, but can't.

Louisiana State Police seek 30% raise, meet with committee Friday

Right now, Louisiana State Police make significantly less than their counterparts in other areas and they haven’t gotten a pay raise in over a decade!

Sheriff's Office: Texas drug dealer caught selling 'kush' on Craigslist

Having an entrepreneurial spirit does not always pay off. That's what one El Paso man found out earlier this month after El Paso Sheriffs' Officials allege he was attempting to sell marijuana and Xanax on Craigslist.