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Judge rules on Hurrican Katrina

UNDATED - A federal judge is blaming the Army Corps of Engineers for the devastating flooding that came in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. On Wednesday the judge ruled in favor of residents who say the army corps' monitoring of the Mississippi Rive

Former first lady alleged victim of domestic violence

LOUISIANA — Former Louisiana first lady Candy Edwards is alledgly a victim of domestic violence. The east Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office arrested 34-year-old Brian Low for allegedly beating up edwards. Low is the father of Edwards' 3-year-o

Two more die from swine flu

LOUISIANA — Two more people have died from swine flu complications in Louisiana. That total number of deaths is now 35. A man from the Monroe area and a man from the Lake Charles area died within the last week. The swine flu vaccine i

Congressman sentenced to 13 years

LOUISIANA - Former Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson was sentenced to 13 years in prison on Friday. Officials say it is the longest term ever imposed on a congressman for bribery. He was also ordered to give up 470 thousand dollars i

Jindal speaks on hurricane readiness

LOUISIANA — Tropical depression Ida is no longer a threat to Louisiana. Governor Jindal said the state made sure they were ready just in case. Several state agencies were on hand at a news conference yesterday where Governor Jindal u

Officials proclaim state fair a success

SHREVEPORT— The state fair has ended and officials are calling it a success. Organizers say they came close to breaking attendance records with more than 400,000 people attending in 2009.

People prepare for hurrican Ida

LOUISIANA — Governor Bobby Jindal has issued a state of emergency for tropical storm Ida.

Judge resigns amid controversy

LOUISIANA — Louisiana judge Keith Bardwell has resigned Tuesday, after refusing to perform a marriage ceremony for an interracial couple. The Shreveport Times reports the judge said he believed the relationship would cause too much harm to t

Governor Jindal seeking aide for Bossier area

Bossier City— Governor Jindal flew over the area this weekend and says he will ask for federal help to cope with the flooding and storm damage. Jindal was at the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness in Bossier City Sunday t