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School on Memorial Day: LA dad protests to show concerns

Many school students had the day off today, but classes were in session in Livingston Parish. I caught up with one parent who says, his kid shouldn't have been in class because it's disrespectful.

George W. Bush has knee replacement surgery

Former President George W. Bush is back at home in Dallas, following partial knee replacement surgery Saturday in Chicago.

3 dead following home invasion in Assumption Parish, attacker turns gun on himself

Three people are dead in Assumption Parish following a home invasion.  According to Sheriff Mike Waguespack, the suspect William S. Powers, 32, entered the unlocked home shortly after 4:00 a.m.

Wiz Khalifa arrested in Texas, takes selfie from jail cell

Following his performance at Neon Desert Music Festival in Downtown El Paso Saturday, Wiz Khalifa was arrested at the El Paso International Airport for possession of marijuana. 

Texas mayor tabbed for Obama administration position

President Barack Obama will announce plans Friday to nominate San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro to be his next secretary of Housing and Urban Development, a government source said.

Jindal expected to sign controversial abortion bill

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is expected to sign an abortion bill that critics say will greatly restrict women's access to the procedure. The Louisiana Legislature passed the measure on Wednesday.

Texas mother found guilty of burying baby alive

On Thursday, a Houston jury found a mother guilty of burying her baby alive.

FAA investigates near-miss between jets at Houston airport

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a near-miss between two jets near Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport this month. The two planes were within about a mile of each other on May 9, the FAA said.

Census: 7 of top 15 fastest growing cities in Texas

The United States Censes Bureau released the fastest growing cities in America Thursday.

Disturbing message appears on Texas billboards near Mexico border

Hundreds of El Paso motorists were shocked to see a disturbing message on a billboard as they drove along I-10 early Thursday morning.