SPD arrests domestic violence suspect after his car runs out of gas on the freeway

Friday, May 30, 2014 - 4:13pm

A mug shot is common during an arrest, but when Shreveport Police arrested Michael Harkey Friday afternoon, they made sure to take pictures of his hands. Corporal Meosha Moses explained why. "We saw blood on his hands, on his fists. These are marks from where he's actually assaulted her."

However, according to Moses, Harkey had a different explanation of how his hands got blood on them. "He said he was trying to wipe her face."

The victim, Harkey's wife, had to be hospitalized, but before she went to the hospital she told police that wasn't the case, and that her husband had been beating her while driving west on the freeway.

That's actually how Shreveport Police and Cpl. Moses got involved in the arrest."Initially we had a bolo to look for the vehicle because a caller called. It started in Bossier City. A caller called and said that they observed them fighting, physically fighting, and Bossier went to the location, but Bossier didn't locate them because they had left."

Shreveport Police didn't have to look far to find the couple. Harkey's SUV ran out of gas on Interstate 20 at Monkhouse Drive, which is where police found and arrested him.

Harkey was arrested and charged with domestic abuse battery by Shreveport Police because the victim told police that the beating continued on the Shreveport side of the river. However, according to Sgt. Laura Sorrells, charges could be added. "She's been transported to the hospital for x-rays and further treatment, and if anything comes out of that, like broken bones, then they'll go from there."

Similar charges are expected from Bossier City Police.


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