Some still wary about LSU privatization

Friday, July 26, 2013 - 9:10pm

When Biomedical Research Foundation first announced they were planning to manage LSU Hospital in Shreveport, many were nervous what that would mean for the area's only public hospital.

Then, when employees were led to believe they would have to quit their jobs before reapplying for them, many got frustrated, thinking they would be left without a job or unemployment benefits.

Biomedical seems to have listened to those concerns, announcing they hold to keep about 90% of the current staff. They also announced that while all staff would have to reapply for their jobs, they wouldn't be asked to quit first.

Even with those developments, some still worry, especially about what will happen to the uninsured.

With a transition date set for October 1, it won't be much longer until people see what changes happen, if any, when LSU ceases to be a public hospital.


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