Shreveport Police investigate missing narcotics evidence

Friday, July 6, 2012 - 1:19pm

Law enforcement authorities are conducting an investigation into evidence missing from the Shreveport Police Department’s property room.

In mid-May, Shreveport Police Chief Willie Shaw received information concerning claims of discrepancies in the handling and storage of evidence at the department’s property room. Chief Shaw immediately ordered a full audit to determine if indeed there was any validity to the allegations. Supervisors with the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau conducted an in-depth audit of the facility and discovered approximately 14,100 out of 26,336 Hydrocodone pills that had been seized as evidence in a narcotics case were missing.

Chief Shaw promptly ordered a criminal investigation into the missing pills. A Shreveport Police supervisor was assigned to the case and is being assisted by agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Their investigation is still ongoing at this time. At the conclusion of the criminal inquiry, the Internal Affairs Bureau will begin a complete, full and thorough administrative investigation to determine whether or not proper policies and procedures were being followed so as to ensure the integrity of evidence housed and maintained in the property room.

Chief Shaw spoke adamantly about the incident, saying, “I hold each and every employee of our department to the highest standards and we are not going to tolerate actions that deviate from or operate outside of those policies that dictate how we should conduct our business.”


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