Shreveport Police Department gets new cars

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 6:42am

With more than 275,000 service calls in 2011, and covering an area of 100 square miles, keeping Shreveport safe isn't just a full time job for the officers at the Police Department, it's also a full time job for their vehicles.

The police department felt that some of their vehicles needed replacing, so they went out and bought 84 new vehicles- at a cost of about $45,000 each once it has all of the necessary police equipment on it. Of those vehicles, they purchased 60 patrol cars, four crime scene investigation vans and 20 unmarked detective cars.

These new cars are Chevrolet Caprices, and at the moment are not available to the general public. Chevrolet takes in to account the needs of the officers and suspects when designing these cars. The back seat is hard plastic and elongated, so that a person up to 6 feet tall can fit in the back seat somewhat comfortably. The front seats also allow extra room for all the the equipment officers must carry. The trunk is also larger and has a spot for all of the routers electronic equipment that runs the computers in the front.

Some residents support the police department's decision to purchase the new vehicles, feeling it will keep residents safer, but other's think that the money should have been spent elsewhere, like a task force for at-risk neighborhoods, or split between different funds.

These cars were budgeted for by the administrative department and a police spokesperson said that they purchase of the new cars came from a budget specifically set for new vehicles.

Shreveport Police Public Information officer assures residents that "right now, there's no fear of anything going without simply because new cars were purchased."

The new police cars are already out patrolling the streets


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