Shreveport mom recalls losing her son to SIDS

Monday, November 4, 2013 - 9:11pm

When Meagan Henry and her husband Steve found out they were expecting their first child, they couldn't wait to tell friends and family.

After a 17 hour delivery, Austin Grey Henry was born on July 9, 2009. The Henrys enjoyed their little boy, watching him discover toys, laughing, even a hatred of sweet potatoes.

That came to an end all too quickly. October 25, 2009, Henry walked into the nursery to wake up her son only to find something wrong. When fire personnel arrived, they pronounced Austin dead. An autopsy revealed he had died from sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS.

According to LSU Shreveport School of Medicine Associate Professor Dr. Eric Thomas, about one in a thousand babies died from the condition. SIDS is the unexplained sudden death of a child under the age of one, after a thorough examination has been done. There is no know cause, nor are there any know medical treatments. However, there are other ways that seem to prevent SIDS. A main one is to make sure that babies are put to bed on a flat and firm mattress on their backs. That process has shown to cut down on the number of incidents.

There are other preventative tools available as well. Henry and other SIDS awareness advocates urge people not to use baby bumpers in cribs, as well as investing in some of the technological advances made to help prevent SIDS.

The Henry family will never recover from the loss of their son, but they have made peace with what happened. They recently had another child, a little girl named Hannah, but they will never forget Austin or the horrible circumstance that took him from them much too early.


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Meagan n Steve.... I am so proud of you for stepping out on FAITH and letting the world know what you've been though. It took a lot to do this. I know the steps you've taken to overcome and get to this point in life. Austin is watching over you, Steve and Hannah and his memory WILL NOT BE IN VAIN. May God continue to bless the Henry family!! I'm just a call or text alway. Love ya, Sonya

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