Shreveport family raising money to give their son a chance to be cured

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 5:40pm

Local educators, Mary Margaret and Daron Lusk, want their youngest son to be able to do all of the things 3 year olds are generally doing; but for Tiser, that's not a possibility at the moment.

When Tiser was born, July 22, 2010, he was anemic, causing him to become severely jaundiced. Although hospital officials treated the jaundice, it still reached a dangerously high level, causing permanent brain damage in the form of a condition called kernicterus.

The condition has made life harder for Tiser than other three year olds; he is deaf, has cortical vision impairment, does not have enamel on his teeth and has extremely low muscle tone. the lack of muscle tone has hurt Tiser developmentally;  he can't hold his head up, use his arms, sit up, roll over, feed himself or even talk. What he can do is smile and laugh, which he does almost constantly.

Other the the kernicterus, Tiser is very healthy, taking no medicines, which is part of the reason Dr. Steven Shapiro thinks he will be a good patient for his upcoming clinical trial on kernicterus.

Already researched and tested, Dr. Shapiro thinks he has found a way to cure kernicterus. Dr. Shapiro plans to take stem cells from Tiser's bone marrow, and inject them into the damaged part of his brain, curing his condition.

Much of the funding is already set up, but the Kernicterus Center at Children's Mercy Hospital in Shreveport needs and additional $100,000 to get the project started. The Lusk family, along with three others picked for the trial are each trying to raise $25,000 to get the project started, but they need help achieving that goal.

While older brother Mason, is hoping his lemonade stand will raise the necessary money, Mary Margaret and Daron are making plans for other fundraisers to augment the money Mason raises. They have also set up a checking account at BancorpSouth Fern Ave Branch, 8585 Fern Ave under Tiser Lusk for donations. Donations can also be made through Tiser's Facebook page.

Tiser's Chance now has a Tax Exempt #44-0605373. All of the donations from Tiser's Chance will go to Children's Mercy Hospital Kernicterus Center for the treatment research.

Please visit Tiser’s Facebook page for updates, photos, and online donations –


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