Shreveport Businesses forced to move out

Friday, March 21, 2014 - 8:59pm

Ten business owners in Shreveport are scrambling to move, after recieving a notice from the property owner, Kimco Realty, saying they have to move by the end of March because the land they're sitting on is unstable.

Tina Tomalson who manages Mimi's Hallmark says she has had to repair doors and windows in the shop. She says there were many indications that the ground was settling. "You can walk in the store and in some places you think you're in of in a slant house...but this is stuff we've just dealt with. We didn't think we were at risk with anything."

Thoa Ho who owns Nail Concepts says she understands the safety issue, but they say they weren't given enough time to move.

"We don't want to stay here if we know something is wrong with the building, but at least give me some time."

Tomalson has put everything on sale ever since she found out that she only has a few weeks left to move, but she is devastated because she has no idea what will come next.

"There's no help out there except for what we get from one another. We are all trying to stick together."

Thoa Ho who's been at nail concepts for 15 years says this is her second home and is scared of losing her livelihood.

"This is the busiest time of the year. Summer time is the busiest time for the nail shop and they do that."

A regular customer at nail concepts is infuriated.

"She had a contract and this contract has been broken. I'm no lawyer but that doesn't sound fair to me."

Kimco realty tells us they're sorry.

Here's their full statement:

Due to a ground settling issue under the retail space in the southwest corner of Bayou Walk Shopping Center, the decision has been made to vacate and demolish these premises as soon as practicable to ensure the safety of our tenants and customers. We sincerely regret the disruption this will have on the retailers directly affected, and have offered to assist them in securing comparable locations in the immediate vicinity. There are no current plans to rebuild on the area in question. The remaining portion of the shopping center is expected to continue to operate normally.

David F. Bujnicki
Vice-President |Investor Relations & Communications

Kimco Realty says they're willing to assist their tenants, but the business owners say, they're not being compensated for the move.

Some are thinking about taking this to court.

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