Sheriff's office teaches gun safety to young campers

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 8:30am

Gun safety is important, especially when it comes to kids. Knowing what to do with a gun that is left unattended is what about 40 children learned today at a gun safety camp put on by the Caddo Sheriff’s office.

14 year old Rachel Stone has been hunting for about a year, but is still tentative when it comes to her rifle, saying she came to the , “"I like to hunt and then it would be a good experience to know how to shoot a gun and learn more experience"

According to Corporal Ray Saunders of the Caddo Sheriff’s Office, that’s the main reason they annually hold this event. "We’re advocating that they use guns correctly and supervised with an adult and using the four safety rules we teach in class"

While safety was the main focus for campers, they also worked on technique. Stone had a specific goal set out of her camp experience. "How to aim to the target, so I can shoot me a deer next year.”

However, while the sheriff’s office worked with her on that, they also made sure she was as safe as possible.
With hunting season just around the corner, the sheriff’s office wants to make sure no accidents happen. By the end of the day, Stone knew lots of safety precautions, including one main one, "if you see a gun like out in the open, don't touch it, go tell an adult"


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