Sex offenders restricted in library access

Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 9:38am

As of January 1, sex offenders have restricted access to public libraries.

While each library is in charge of making up their own exact rules, the basic principles are the same.

If a sex offender's victim was under the age of 13, then the sex offender is not allowed in libraries when children are expected to be present. They are also not allowed to hang out within a thousand feet of public libraries.

The Bossier Public Library system has already sent a list of their rules to the local probation and parole office, but the office is still waiting on information from the Shreve Memorial System.


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This sounds like a promising lawsuit for some offender. Clearly a violation of civil liberty and ex post facto. Anything else?

This sounds like a very good lawsuit for an offender. Kaching!!!

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