Parents find fish hooks on playground slide

CNN via KKCO; Mesa County Sheriff's Dept.
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 9:34am

Parents in Grand Junction, Colorado are being warned about possible dangers at playgrounds. Amy Lipman spoke with a woman who found fishing hooks on a slide in one park.

"I thought it was just a hoax when I first heard about it and this is grand junction. Nothing really happens in grand junction you know."

This past Saturday, Niederkruger says she saw first hand that it is happening in Grand Junction. She says her 11-year old nephew brushed his hand against this slide in Lynwood Park.

"He ended up cutting himself right here. He came to me and said look I found something on the slide. I think you should know about it and it was a fish hook about that big."

Niederkruger says her husband then found three more fishing hooks on the same slide. 

"The first one was right here and the other three were right here."

She says she's now keeping an eye out when her own two-year-old daughter plays in their local park and other parents should do the same so no more children get hurt.

"Someone would've really gashed their leg open or their arm, whatever it would be."

Grand Junction Parks and Recreation has increased its own safety checks. Mesa County operates Lynwood Park and county parks crews say they're doing the same.

"Since these incidents have happened, we're trying to groom them actually daily."

That's doesn't discount the possibility of harmful objects in a place that's supposed to just be fun for kids.

"We are taking these reports very seriously and we're working with the city of grand junction and see if we can find out who's doing this. It's just unbelievable that somebody would want to hurt our children like that."


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