Overnight explosion heard over Louisiana and Texas was not a meteorite

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 10:35am


The boom was different for residents of North Louisiana depending on their location, but it got everybody talking about what the boom late Monday night was.

After viewing photos from the National Weather Service, with a plume of smoke and debris that went up about 2000 feet, the Webster Sheriff's Office thought that a meteor might have struck somewhere between Dixie Inn and Minden, but they weren't sure about that, and decided to wait until Tuesday morning to start searching for what the boom could be.

When daylight came, the Sheriff's Office was able to fully view Camp Minden and the above ground bunkers there and announced that the explosion came from a bunker in the L-1 area.

Camp Minden has several tenants, and this bunker was leased to a company called Explo. Fox 33 tried to contact Explo, but they did not return any of our calls and canceled their scheduled news conference.

The Webster Sheriff's Office turned the investigation over to Louisiana State Police, who immediately sent a helicopter over to do a full investigation. By the end of the day, the local division had finished and sent their findings to their headquarters in Baton Rouge for further review.


The Webster Parish Sheriff's Office has confirmed that an underground bunker exploded overnight at Camp Minden. The explosion site was located at dawn by law enforcement officials investigating the blast, which lit up skies over Louisiana and Texas.

No injuries or deaths have been reported.

The investigation has been turned over to state police and the military.

The National Weather Service and local authorities reported that several residents of Webster, Bossier & Caddo parishes say they saw a bright flash and heard a loud boom which shook some houses all the way from Minden to Blanchard in NW Louisiana at around 11:30 last night. Several KMSS TV Facebook friends have also reported similar experiences at that time. There is speculation that a meteorite may have landed somewhere in the general area and there are reports that local authorities in Webster parish may do an aerial survey later this morning.


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