New testing for students requires technology

Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 7:57pm

Louisiana students have been doing well on their statewide LEAP testing. That said, when it comes to nationwide tests, Louisiana students are still ranked near the bottom.

Starting with the 2014 school year, schools statewide will join 46 states taking part in the Common Core Standards and using the PARCC test. By using the CCS, school officials hope Louisiana students will be better able to compete with students from other states.

However, budget cuts could make it harder for schools to get classrooms ready for the new tests. Students won't be using scantrons and pencils for the PARCC test; instead the testing will be done electronically.

At Moorepark Elementary in Shreveport, there are only 60 ipads. The principal is hoping to buy more to help every student prepare for the testing.

State Representative Barbara Norton recently have 6 schools in her district checks for $2,500 each to use toward technology. She knows budget cuts have hurt schools, but also knows that children are the future and she wants to help them succeed in any way possible.


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