New details emerge in Christmas Day house fire

Fire Department respondes to rumors

Friday, December 28, 2012 - 5:35pm

The Shreveport Fire Department wants to put the fire out to rumors alleging they did not respond in a quick manner to a house fire call on Christmas Day.

The department was called to the 2900 block of Fifth street on Christmas day. But according to Joe Caldwell who owns the property, he says that “they took forever to respond and the station was right down the street from my house.” Caldwell also states that the fire truck that Shreveport sent out did not work correctly.

Shreveport Fire Chief Ronald Mulford said that “the department sympathizes with the family and hates to see things like this happen to people.”

When asked about the time frame on how long it took for fire trucks to get there, Chief Mulford wanted to make sure the story was clear. “Within a minute and a half of the dispatch of this alarm, there was a fire truck on scene on fifth street. Four minutes later, there was a second pump and within minutes of that there were a total of three firefighting crews on scene.”

Shreveport fire officials say that there has been no official complaint filed in this case from the home owner, but they are still investigating to see what, if anything went wrong.


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