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The White House's unprecedented use of 'unprecedented'

WASHINGTON - The Obama White House is addicted to the “unprecedented.”

Are Vampires Real? The Science Behind the Myth

From countless depictions of "Dracula" to recent movies like "Twilight" and "New Moon," the vampire has been a staple in film. But is there a scientific basis for the folklore? Is there fact behind the myth of the blood-sucking creature of the night?

Seals court martialed after capturing terrorists

Three US Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, Land special operations) who captured a top terrorist in Iraq are being rewarded not with medals and commendations but with a court martial to answer criminal charges stemming from all

Pager Messages Sent During WTC Attacks Posted Online

Hundreds of thousands of electronic messages from 9/11 – including panicked exchanges from the Pentagon and the NYPD – were released today by a nonprofit activist group

Toyota to Replace 4 Million Gas Pedals After Crashes

Toyota Motor Corp. will replace gas pedals on 4 million recalled vehicles in the United States to address problems with sudden acceleration or the pedal becoming stuck in the floor mat.

Experts: Holiday-Related Scams Can Ruin Seasonal Cheer

From bogus charities to identity theft to Web sites selling purportedly authentic wares, consumers can quickly lose their seasonal cheer unless basic preventative steps are taken.

The Black Friday Survival Guide

If you're girding up to venture into the wilds of Mall Country in search of gadget bargains on Black Friday, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Iran Warns Protesters They Risk Kidnapping by Israel

Nearly six months after contested presidential elections sparked widespread violent anti-government demonstrations, Iran's security forces are warning citizens that political protesters are in danger of being kidnapped - by Israel

Weak Consumer Spending, Rising Unemployment Snag Recovery

The economy is not growing as fast as the government first thought and the recovery still faces significant obstacles, including households nervous about spending and rising unemployment.

Words of Trapped 'Coma' Man Draw Skepticism

Helped by a therapist, Rom Houben's outstretched finger tapped with surprising speed on a computer touchscreen, spelling out how he felt "alone, lonely, frustrated" in the 23 years he was trapped inside a paralyzed body.