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Pittsburgh Ice Rink Roof Collapses

Several people have been placed on stretchers, but the extent of their injuries is unknown.

Alleged Shooter Was Suspect in Harvard Bomb Attempt

An Alabama professor accused of shooting six colleagues was a suspect in the attempted mailing bombing of a Harvard Medical School professor in December of 1993, the Boston Globe reported.

U.S. Rockets Slam Into Afghanistan Home, Killing 12

Inside Marjah, Marines encountered "death at every corner" on Sunday, their second day of a massive offensive to capture this bleak mud-brick city filled with booby traps, hardcore Taliban fighters and civilians unsure where to cast their loyalty.

Huge Wave Sweeps Away, Injures Calif. Surfing Spectators

Two huge waves swept away spectators watching a Northern California surfing contest Saturday morning, causing broken bones and other injuries to people standing on a seawall.

Prof. Charged in Ala. Shooting Killed Brother in 1986

The Alabama biology professor accused of killing three in a campus shooting spree Friday also reportedly killed her brother more than 20 years ago in Massachusetts

U.S. Owns Up to Secret Hunt for Sunken Soviet Sub

After more than 30 years of refusing to confirm the barest facts of what the world already knew, the CIA has released an internal account of Project Azorian, though with juicy details taken out.

U.S., Afghan Forces Face Taliban Bombs, Traps

NATO said it hoped to secure the area in days, set up a local government and rush in development aid in a first test of the new U.S. strategy for turning the tide of the eight-year war

Professor Charged in Shooting Deaths on Ala. Campus

Students and staff at the University of Alabama's Huntsville campus gathered to comfort each other after news that authorities had charged a faculty member with gunning down colleagues in a staff meeting.

Lawyer in Landrieu phone case wants quick resolution

NEW ORLEANS - An attorney for one of the four men accused in the Senator Landrieu phone tampering scheme is trying to resolve the issue quickly. The lawyer says he has met with federal prosecutors, but would not say whether those talks involved a

DeGeneres is a rising star in daytime

Executives at Warner Brothers have long believed that Ellen DeGeneres is the heir apparent to Oprah Winfrey in daytime TV.