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Iran Releases 5 Detained British Sailors

Iran released on Wednesday five British sailors who were detained last week when their 60-foot racing yacht drifted accidentally into Iran's Persian Gulf waters and was seized.

Global Warming Scandal Hampers Progress, Experts Say

The trustworthiness of the scientific community's global warming data pool is being called into question as the scandal over doctored data continues to unfold.

Police Killings Suspect Warned: 'I'll Kill All You'

"I’ll kill all you bitches," Maurice Clemmons told workers trying to book him at Washington's Pierce County Jail in May after he punched a sheriff's deputy in the face.

Military Gets Marching Orders

Obama shares war strategy, including plan to have at least one group of Marines in place by Christmas | VIDEO

Health Care Reform CouldBring Higher Premiums

Senate bill would drive up premiums for people not covered through jobs, Congressional Budget Office says

Fossilized Bacteria May Point to Life on Mars

NASA scientists have produced the most compelling evidence yet that bacterial life exists on Mars

Police Seek Ex-Con in Ambush on Wash. Officers

A man with an extensive criminal past — including a lengthy prison sentence commuted by former Arkansas Gov.

Alleged Nazi Guard's Trial Marks End of an Era

Nearly 65 years after the liberation of the concentration camps, a perpetrator of the Holocaust may go on trial for the final time in Germany, marking for some the end of Europe's darkest era.

Iran Will Reportedly Build 10 Uranium Enrichment Plants

The Iranian government approved a plan Sunday to build 10 new uranium enrichment facilities, a dramatic expansion in defiance of U.N. demands it halt the program.