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House Passes Jobs Bill

Dem leaders muscle through year-end measure aimed at creating jobs through second round of stimulus spending

Climate Deal Brings Legal Objections

Critics say Obama's mission to save the earth from global warming could come at the expense of the Constitution

House OKs Debt Limit Hike

Bill would allow federal government to borrow nearly $300B to finance its operations for just six more weeks

Britain gives checks the royal boot

LONDON – After more than three centuries, the humble check is set to become a historic relic after British banks voted to phase it out in favor of more modern payment methods.

Dems Court Key Health Care Holdout

Senate bill faces new hurdle as Ben Nelson of Neb. demands more restrictions on tax-funded abortions

Mass. Father: Boy Was Sent Home for Jesus Drawing

A Massachusetts father is standing by claims that his 8-year-old son was sent home from school after the boy drew a stick figure of Jesus on a crucifix.

Christian group launches new attack on Christmas commercialism

If it's December, then there must be frost in the air, gingerbread in the oven, and ...

Mystery as Lockerbie Bomber Is Reported Missing

Mystery surrounded the Lockerbie bomber Tuesday after he could not be reached at his home or hospital in Libya.

Senate Rejects Drug Imports

Amendment would have allowed access to medicines from developed countries where drug prices are limited

Sparks Fly Over Gitmo Plan

GOP criticizes move to send detainees to Illinois prison, but state Dems fire back that the jobs are needed | VIDEO