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Health Bill Already Doomed?

EXCLUSIVE: Fox News confirms seven House Dems who supported reform last year will oppose Senate bill because it lifts ban on federal funding for abortions

U.N. to Probe Climate Panel

Independent scientific panel to review U.N. climate change panel's 'procedures and practices' — and management — in apparent slap at its embattled chief | FULL COVERAGE

Jamie Jungers wins Tiger Woods mistress beauty pageant

Jamie Jungers won the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant on the "Howard Stern Show" this morning.

Chief Exorcist Says 'Devil at Work' Inside Vatican

Sex abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church are proof that that "the Devil is at work inside the Vatican", according to the Holy See's chief exorcist.

Critics Blast Transborder Immigrant Tool as 'Irresponsible'

A cell phone application that will help illegal immigrants find water and key landmarks as they cross into the United States is an inappropriate use of taxpayer funds and an irresponsible use of technology, critics say.

House to vote on pullout from Afghanistan

WASHINGTON – In a test of congressional support for President Barack Obama's new Afghanistan strategy, lawmakers are set to vote on Wednesday on a resolution that would direct him to pull U.S.

Minority Births on Track to Outnumber White Births

This year could be the "tipping point" when the number of babies born to minorities will outnumber that of babies born to whites, demographers said.

80's icon Corey Haim dies at 38

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Actor Corey Haim has died, Access Hollywood has confirmed.

Social Security checks may get smaller

A little–noticed law could soon result in smaller Social Security checks for hundreds of thousands of the elderly and disabled who owe the U.S. money from defaulted loans and other debts more than a decade old.

'Jihad Jane' indictment shows terror's evolution

PHILADELPHIA – The self-described "Jihad Jane" who thought her blond hair and blue eyes would let her blend in as she sought to kill an artist in Sweden is a rare case of an American woman aiding in foreign terroris