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U.S. Can't Fight Terror Alone

Secretary of state defends American demands that India, other countries should do more to tackle terrorism

Fugitive From FBI's Ten Most Wanted List Caught in Mexico

Authorities say a fugitive from the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list suspected of spraying automatic weapons fire at two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies nearly nine years ago is in custody in Mexico.

Negotiator: Honduras Coup Talks to Continue

Costa Rican President Oscar Arias says both sides in the talks to resolve the coup in Honduras have agreed to resume talks Sunday, but they remain far apart.

2 Light-Rail Trains Collide in San Francisco, Dozens Hurt

Several dozen people were injured when two San Francisco light-rail trains collided Saturday afternoon at the West Portal Station, authorities said.

Dems Picking a Fight With Cheney?

Democrats may get chance to question Cheney over secret terror plan after House says it will launch probe

Man Charged With Six Murders in Two-State Killing Spree

Helm said some of the Tennessee victims were related and that the killings happened Friday night or early Saturday.

Astronauts Perform Midday Spacewalk

It's spacewalking day at the shuttle-station complex. At high noon Saturday, two astronauts will venture out to help attach a platform for science experiments.

See You in Court, Obama

Inspector general that Obama removed for allegedly being 'confused' and 'disoriented' files lawsuit

Bipartisan Bill On Last Leg

Obama pledges to involve Republicans in health care negotiations, but GOP has yet to be swayed | TOPIC

Woman, 90, Behind the Same Wheel 559,000 Miles Later

The last time Rachel Veitch bought a car, gas cost 39 cents per gallon and Lyndon B. Johnson was in the White House. Nearly 600,000 miles later, the 90-year-old Florida woman still drives her 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente every day.