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Court Battle Could Derail Obama Agenda

Battle over replacing Justice Stevens during election year all but guarantees legislative agenda will grind to a halt

Polish Shock, Political Shuffle

Polish politicians scramble to regroup after president, his wife, and other leaders die in jet crash that left no survivors

Polish President Among 96 Killed in Russia Plane Crash

URGENT: Polish leader Lech Kaczynski and some of the country's highest military and civilian leaders are killed after plane crashes while landing in Russia

Tea Party Cheers Stupak's Retirement

Activists celebrate pro-life Dem's decision not to seek re-election amid growing attacks for supporting health care

Voters See Little Hope on the Horizon

Fox News Poll: Majority of voters think life for next generation of Americans will be worse than life today | PDF

Stupak Calling It Quits

Anti-abortion Dem Rep. Bart Stupak, slammed for role in health care law, says he won't seek re-election

Justice Stevens to Step Down

URGENT: Supreme Court's oldest member and leader of its liberal bloc leaves Obama with 2nd high court opening

Newt: Obama Is Most Radical President

Keeping the door open to a 2012 bid, Gingrich says Obama's policies have put U.S. on the road to socialism

Kingpin Winning Mexico's Drug War

After a two-year battle that has left 5,000 dead, Mexico's most powerful drug lord takes coveted trafficking routes

Crews Begin Desperate Rescue Effort

Rescue teams head back into mine to look for four miners missing since an explosion killed 25 | SLIDESHOW