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More Tax Incentive to Help Haiti

House passes bill to let taxpayers claim charitable deduction on 2009 tax returns for donations to Haiti relief• Oil-Rich Nations Fall Far Short in Haiti Donations

Health Reform? Not So Fast

Obama administration lowering expectations of passing bill on heels of Brown's Senate win in Massachusetts

'Fools' on the Hill (Mostly) Silent

Salahis plead Fifth 31 times at hearing on crashing White House party — but still say enough to anger a lawmaker

Jay-Z's charitable surprise

MTV Networks' "Hope for Haiti" telethon (airing Friday with George Clooney as host) is becoming a huge global event with more and more celebrities signing on to perform or present from over the world.

Haiti at Risk for Another Big Aftershock, Experts Say

Haiti can expect more aftershocks in coming weeks, and while the usual pattern suggests they will become weaker and less frequent, another one as strong as Wednesday's jolt is certainly possible, scientists say.

Dems' Massachusetts loss clouds Pelosi's future

Washington - — If the late Edward Kennedy's Massachusetts Senate seat isn't safe for Democrats, is Nancy Pelosi's speakership of the House safe?

AT&T and Verizon battle for customers

Verizon and AT&T, the two largest cell phone carriers in the U.S. are gearing up for a price war over cell phone service fees.

Watchdog group raises concern about dead voters on Massachusetts rolls

BOSTSON - A conservative watchdog group on Tuesday blasted the Massachusetts secretary of state for dismissing concerns about the thousands of dead voters potentially on the rolls as living voters head to the polls

Pentagon Too PC on Fort Hood?

Lawmaker says failure to mention extremism in shooting report could hamper efforts to prevent future attacks

Melting Pot for Tea Partiers

While the tea parties have taken heat for supposed lack of diversity, minority activists say that's changing