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Southwest Inspections

DALLAS (AP) - Southwest Airlines has inspected nearly 200 planes and put them back in the sky today.

New Arguments Ordered in Moussaoui Case

A federal appeals court in Richmond has ordered new arguments in the case of Sept. 11 conspirator Zacharias Moussaoui.

12 Bodies Found in Mexico ID'd as Federal Agents

Mexico's national security spokesman says the 12 people tortured, murdered and dumped along a mountain road were off-duty federal agents.

Military Developing Half-Robot, Half-Insect 'Cybug' Spies

The military and spy world no doubt would love tiny, live camera-wielding versions of Predator drones that could fly undetected into places where no human could ever go to snoop on the enemy.

Healthy, Wealthy and... Taxed

House Dems seek to push through health care bill that requires sales of insurance — and taxes wealthy

FBI: Robber Cites Economy During Bank Heist

An armed robber cited the country's poor economy during a holdup at a Houston bank, FBI officials say.

CIA Hit Teams Against Al Qaeda

Secret program axed by Panetta examined how to assassinate terror members with hit teams on ground• Cheney's Daughter Weighs Political Bid

12 Tortured Bodies Found in Mexico Drug War Hotbed

Prosecutors said they found the bound, blindfolded and tortured bodies of at least a dozen people Monday on a roadside in the western state of Michoacan, which has become a flash point in Mexico's war on drugs.

Two U.S. Marines Killed in 'Hostile' Afghanistan Incident

Two U.S. Marines were killed in a "hostile incident" in southern Afghanistan, where a white transport helicopter also crashed, officials said Tuesday.

More Arrests Made in Murders of Fla. Couple With 17 Kids

Three more suspects were arrested Tuesday in the home-invasion murders of a wealthy Florida Panhandle couple known for adopting special needs children, including a local martial arts instructor, the sheriff said.