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Iran to U.N.: We Will Increase Uranium Enrichment

Iran moves closer to being able to produce nuclear warheads Monday with formal notification that it will enrich uranium to higher levels, even while insisting that the move was meant only to provide fuel for its research reactor.

Special Forces Infiltrate Taliban Stronghold in Afghanistan

American and British forces poised to assault the Taliban stronghold of Marjah, in Afghanistan's southern Helmand Province, have begun targeting insurgent leaders for assassination, The Sunday Times reported.

Ahmadinejad Orders Higher Enrichment of Uranium

Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered his country's atomic agency on Sunday to begin the production of higher enriched uranium.

Toyota to Announce Prius Action Plan Soon

Toyota said Sunday that it will soon announce plans to deal with braking problems in its prized Prius hybrid amid reports it has decided to issue a recall for the latest model in Japan.

Toyota Begins Repairs of Thousands of Recalled Cars

Responding to two recalls and facing the prospect of another one, Toyota dealers across the country were repairing thousands of cars Saturday, the first weekend day that many drivers had a chance to take action.

Hamas Backtracks on Apology for Israeli Rocket Attacks

The Hamas government in Gaza on Saturday backtracked on its apology earlier this week in which it expressed regret for harming Israeli civilians in rocket attacks.

Obama Won't Quit Reform

President assures despondent Democrats he will not abandon commitment to overhauling health care despite GOP challenges to their congressional dominance

Pink Ouija Board Targeting Young Girls Riles Critics

A pink version of the popular Ouija board game has some critics seeing red.

EXCLUSIVE: Sticker Shock on U.N. Food Aid

The $1.2 billion cost of a U.N. program to feed 7.4 million Afghans is more than double what it needs to be, but the U.N. counters that it's the nature of the operation

Japanese Media Slam Toyota Chief for Crisis Response

Japanese media sharply criticized Toyota's president Saturday for what they called a delayed and unconvincing explanation for the massive car recall that has sullied the world's biggest automaker, a Japanese corporate icon.