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Scott Brown's Star Power

After becoming a national sensation, the Republican senator is taking on a new role on the campaign trail

Faces of the Tea Party

SLIDESHOW: The Tea Party coalition is a mixed group of diverse activists who share a common battle cry

Riders 'Vulnerable' to Attack

In light of Moscow subway terror attack, Sen. Lieberman warns more needs to be done to protect U.S. buses, trains

Triple Blasts Rock Baghdad

URGENT: At least 30 are killed and over 100 injured after explosions shatter windows and spark bursts of gunfire

U.S., Karzai Meet on Offensive

Gen. McChrystal, Afghan leader unite to build support for Kandahar push amid tensions between the countries

Karzai Hits at U.S. Again

Less than a day after vowing to work with U.S., Afghan leader accuses Washington of interfering in its affairs

GOP: Stop Financial Lifelines

Republicans are demanding Dems put an end to public lifeline for large financial institutions that are failing

Lawmaker Goes After Anti-Obama Doc

Rep. Alan Grayson to file complaint against urologist who warned Obama supporters to find a different doctor

Super Tuesday Polls Preview

May races may forecast pivotal midterm elections in November in which Dems hope to fend off GOP surge

Firing Back Over 'Constitution' Dismissal

Illinois congressman defends igniting controversy for saying he's not worried about Constitution in health law