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Marines Launch 1st Major Afghan Operation Since Surge

U.S. Marines launch first major Afghan operation since US troop surge announced.

Web Site Aims to Uncover Fakers in Fatigues

Military impostors, beware: A new Web site designed to root out fraudulent veterans and fakers in fatigues has been launched.

U.N. to Investigate Leak of Fudged Climate Data E-Mails

The United Nations will conduct its own investigation into e-mails leaked from a leading British climate science center in addition to the probe by the University of East Anglia.

Taliban Detainee Claims Bin Laden Seen in Afghanistan

A Taliban detainee in Pakistan claims Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden was seen in Afghanistan in January or February of this year, the BBC reports.

Fort Hood Cop Says Career Has Been Cut Short

One of two civilian police officers who brought down the Army psychiatrist accused of going on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood said her wounds from the attack will cut short her career as street police officer.

CIA Steps Up Drone Use

White House reportedly OKs plan to widen drone use in Pakistan in hopes of eliminating any haven for militants• URGENT: Gunfire, Explosion Reported in Pakistani City

GOP Sees Edge on Medicare

Senate GOP keeping focus on Medicare cuts in health care bill, sensing a political advantage on issue

Punish Messenger, Ignore Message?

Dem senator calls leak of climate scientists' e-mails a 'crime' that should be investigated, as GOP critics wonder — what about investigating e-mails' contents?

Target: Al Qaeda

Despite talk from top brass about importance of fighting Taliban, Al Qaeda remains No. 1 priority for U.S. military• Afghan President Willing to Talk to Taliban

From Foxy Knoxy to Plain Jane?

U.S. student on trial for murder in Italy ditches her polished look — a tactic lawyers say may earn her some sympathy• Knox: Don't Want Killer's Mask on Me