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Clinton Warns: Simmer Down

Former president decries 'demonization' of government, warns that rhetoric could lead to violence

Ash Cloud's Silver Lining?

European countries loosen airspace restrictions as weather reports suggest air traffic could return to about 50 percent of its normal levels | SLIDESHOW

Odierno: Iraq Withdrawal 'on Target'

Top U.S. general in Iraq says all combat troops will be out of Iraq by September, skirts questions about departure

That's One Hefty Fine, Mr. President

NYC library says George Washington has racked up 220 years' worth of late fees on two books he never returned

Taliban Ready to Talk Peace?

Supreme leader of Taliban signals he longer aims to rule Afghanistan, is ready for 'sincere' peace talks with West

McCain Renews Call to'Pull the Trigger' on Iran

Former rival says he didn't need Pentagon memo to know Obama lacks plan for dealing with Iran's nuke ambitions

Gates Warns U.S. Lacks Strategy on Iran Nukes

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has warned top White House officials in a secret three-page document that the U.S. does not have an effective strategy for dealing with Iran's push toward nuclear capability.

Geithner Predicts Passage of Financial Overhaul

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says a strong overhaul of the financial system will emerge from the current impasse in Congress and protect taxpayers against fraud and abuse in the financial industry.

Volcanic Ash Grounds Obama

President scraps plans to travel for Polish president's funeral because of hazardous flying conditions in Europe

Iran Calls for U.S. Nuclear Disarmament

Tehran accuses America of deceptively calling for non-proliferation while holding on to its own weapons