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Gates Backs Troops inIraq Shooting Video

Defense chief stands by soldiers in leaked video, contends it doesn't show the 'broader picture'

D.C. Showdown on Nuke Deal

U.S.-Russia nuclear deal hits possible hurdles as two top senators voice concerns that could trip up ratification

Iran Cries Foul on Nuke Policy

Iranian lawmakers blast nuclear arms treaty, saying Obama's exclusion of Iran is a 'threat to world peace'

Karzai to Block Offensive?

Afghan leader signals he may delay or cancel NATO's Kandahar operation after complaints from tribal elders

Obama's Jobs Agenda Stalls in Congress

Seven months before voters decide control of Congress, Dems have no money to fund the president's jobs plan

Romney Wins GOP Straw Poll ... Barely

Despite not attending, Mitt Romney wins presidential straw poll at GOP conference by one vote over Rep. Ron Paul

Poland Marks Loss of Leader

Thousands gather at presidential palace in Warsaw to remember their leader, 96 others killed in plane crash

Up Next for Obama... Financial Reform

After victory on health care overhaul, president turns attention to reshaping financial regulatory system

Navy in High Seas Pirate Battle

USS Ashland captures 6 suspected pirates after being fired upon near Africa in 3rd confrontation in 2 weeks• YOU DECIDE: How Should Pirates Be Prosecuted?

Court Battle Could Derail Obama Agenda

Battle over replacing Justice Stevens during election year all but guarantees legislative agenda will grind to a halt