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Pakistani Taliban Blamed forTimes Square Bomb Attempt

Top Obama administration officials say evidence shows Pakistan connection in failed New York City bombing

Terrorists Eyeing U.S. Targets

Failed Times Square bombing is possible signal that militants in Pakistan have shifted focus to targets in U.S.

U.K. Parties in Standoff Mull Power Share

Conservatives and Liberal Dems negotiate possible coalition government after election has no clear winner• LIVESHOTS: Deal-Making Begins in Britain

Incumbent Ousted in Utah

Republican Utah Sen. Bob Bennett loses primary bid to serve a fourth term after being voted out at GOP convention

'Big Boom' as N.Y. Ferry Crashes

At least 37 people injured as Staten Island ferry boat strikes pier in approach to terminal | VIDEO

Defense Chief to Slash Pentagon Budget

Defense Secretary Robert Gates orders paring down of military bureaucracy to save $10B for U.S. combat power

Obama Touts Health Care Law

In weekly radio and Internet address, president claims that millions of Americans are reaping benefits from law

White House Stands Behind Afghanistan

Despite recent tension, Obama administration reaffirms commitment ahead of next week's visit by Karzai

Eurozone Acts to Stop Crisis

Eurozone leaders agree to put emergency measures in place to prevent Greece's debt crisis from spreading

Could the U.S. Be the Next Greece?

As Greece's measures to address debt crisis spark violent protests, some see parallels with U.S. economy