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Supporters react to Gingrich visit

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich spent Tuesday in Louisiana, ahead of the state's primary election on Saturday.

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The FOX 33 Street Tweets Team wants to know, "What's your reaction to the proposed defense budget cuts?"  Play the video to view opinions from around town.  Please leave your own thoughts below.

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It's been almost a month since the singing legend Whitney Houston passed away, and the Street Tweets Team wants to know, "What was your reaction to Whitney Houston's death?

BassMaster tournament brings thousands to the Ark-La-Tex

It was a busy weekend for professional bass fishing, as the Super Bowl of the sport unfolded at the Red River.

Converse mayor speaks out against Aryan Nations claims

An Ark-La-Tex mayor wants the world to know...he and his town have nothing to do with the Aryan Nations.

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The FOX 33 Street Tweets Team wants to know, "Do the Presidential Primaries last too long?" Play the video to watch opinions of people around the area and please leave your own opinions below.  We want to hear from you!

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The FOX 33 Street Tweets team wants to know, "Do the presidential debates help you determine which candidate you will vote for?

Defense secretary visits Barksdale

United States Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta made an appearance in the Ark-La-Tex Friday. Panetta was at Barksdale Air Force Base to greet and thanks airman, distribute coins and medals, and make remarks about new budget cutbacks.

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The federal government funds school breakfast and lunch programs at around 80,000 public schools across the nation.

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So we now know what the 2012 Academy Award nominations are but the Street Tweets team wants to know, "If you could nominate any movie for an oscar what would it be?"  Play the video to see the responses we've gathered and ple