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Men Arrested at Heathrow Airport After 'Verbal threat'

Sky News crime correspondent Martin brunt said the men were described as 'people who had too much to drink'

Unruly Passenger Diverts Plane; F-16s Deployed

An airliner from Atlanta to San Francisco was diverted to Colorado today due an unruly passenger, officials said.

Christmas Day Terror Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

A Nigerian man pleaded not guilty Friday to charges that he tried to blow up a packed U.S. Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day.

Robbery Threat Gives NBA Players Reason to Carry Arms

Some people ask why a man who stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 215 pounds needs to carry a gun. But Washington Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas is much more likely than the average man to become the victim of a violent crime, statistics show.

Cops Eye Playboy Model's 'He's Trying to Kill Me' Text

The ex-boyfriend of a murdered Playboy model confirmed Friday to that she had been sending him text messages during the time she was dating her current boyfriend, and that she had expressed fear that the man was “trying to kill her.”

Alabama Beats Texas, 37-21, Capturing BCS Title

Anders forced a fumble on his blindside sack of Texas backup quarterback Garrett Gilbert with 3:02 left Thursday night to help the top-ranked Crimson Tide hold on for a 37-21 victory in the BCS title game

Study: Calorie Counts Off on Menus, Frozen Meals

A new study says food at popular chain restaurants and in the frozen food aisles can be more fattening than advertised.

IRS Eyed for Health Care Enforcer

Health care bill expected to require nearly all Americans to have insurance — and prove it on their tax returns


WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency proposed a stricter new standard for smog-causing pollutants on Thursday that, if adopted, will impose large costs on industry and local governments but will also bri

President Obama: Security failure 'my responsibility'

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama on Thursday accepted responsibility for intelligence shortcomings that led to a failed Christmas Day bombing plot on a Detroit-bound airliner, saying, “Ultimately, the buck stops