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Spanish Hospital Claims 1st Full-Face Transplant

A team of surgeons has carried out the world's first full-face transplant on a young Spanish farmer unable to breathe or eat on his own since accidentally shooting himself in the face five years ago.

Obama Assails Arizona Law

In an unusual White House attack on state legislation, the president harshly criticizes tough illegal immigration law

MLB Star Helps End Mid-Air Scare

Kevin Kennedy, commentator and former manager, aids in subduing passenger threatening to blow up flight

Ariz. Gets Tough on Illegals

Governor signs law making it a crime to be in U.S. illegally, requiring police to run immigration status checks

Second SEAL Cleared

Judge clears second Navy SEAL charged with beating Iraqi terror suspect in wake of killings of 4 U.S. contractors

Obama Lashes Out atAriz. Immigration Law

President uses naturalization ceremony to blast pending legislation that would require proof of legal status

SEC Pushes Back on Porn Bombshell

Embattled agency responds after report reveals senior staffers spent hours surfing dirty sites on govt. computers

Deadly Airborne Fungus Spreading in Northwest

A potentially deadly strain of fungus is spreading among animals and people in the northwestern United States and the Canadian province of British Columbia, researchers reported on Thursday

SEC on Porn Patrol?

Watchdog says top Securities and Exchange Commission employees spent hours surfing porn sites on gov't computers while being paid to police financial system

GM Accused of $$ 'Shuffle'

Senator says White House misled taxpayers on GM's loan repayment, which relied on more bailout funds