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Sunshine State Showdown

Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio trade jabs as 2010's hottest gubernatorial race graces the 'Fox News Sunday' stage• VIDEO: Panel Plus — The 'FNS' Post-Game Show

Obama Surprises in Afghanistan

President tells troops he intensified the fight in Afghanistan to make sure Taliban and Al Qaeda will not gain upper hand and threaten U.S. security | VIDEO

Incumbent Foes: Don't GetToo Comfortable in Office

D.C. outsiders argue that resurrecting term limits would help clean up some of Washington's worst practices

Israel: What Tensions?

Netanyahu says Israel's relationship with the U.S. remains strong despite feud over settlement construction

Death in the Dark Prison

Investigation reveals the name of man held in secret CIA prison whose death forced interrogation program changes

No 'Recess' at White House

Despite GOP objections, Obama uses recess appointments to fill 15 posts without Senate confirmation, including controversial labor board nominee

Arabs to Iran: Let's Talk

Head of Arab League urges nations to talk to Iran about its nuclear program instead of imposing new sanctions

So Much for Jobless Benefits

Congress leaves for two-week recess without extending aid for people out of jobs more than 6 months

Look Out, Harry, Tea Party's in Town

Activists organize in Senate majority leader's hometown to send message to D.C. for fewer taxes, no 'Obamacare'

When Congress Is Away...

Obama could stir up another wave of partisan acrimony by using recess appointments to fill administration posts