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GM Accused of $$ 'Shuffle'

Senator says White House misled taxpayers on GM's loan repayment, which relied on more bailout funds

Poll: Obama Approval Up— But Stop Bush-Bashing

President's approval rating rises slightly after record lows, but most believe he should lay off his predecessor

ACORN Boss' Tea Party Rant

As ACORN battles for continued use of taxpayer funds, the group's CEO has some choice words for Tea Partiers

Home Sales Spring Forth

URGENT: Existing home sales surge 6.8 percent, beating expectations and reversing three months of declines

Search Intensifies for Oil Rig Workers

Survivors of La. oil rig blast return home as Coast Guard combs waters for 11 who remain missing | SLIDESHOW

Iran Launches Large-Scale War Games

Military maneuvers conducted by Tehran could heighten tension with West amid deepening nuclear standoff

S. Korea: North Sank Ship

S. Korea says it suspects N. Korea is behind deadly attack on navy warship, pointing to intel gathered jointly with U.S.

Pentagon: Iranian MissilesNo Match for U.S. Missiles

U.S. says it is 'very confident' it could defend itself against the threat of an Iranian ballistic missile strike

House OKs Massa Probe

Ethics committee votes for formal probe of how congressional leaders handled reports of N.Y. congressman harassing male staffers

What's the Surge Costing You?

Fox News examines what it costs the military, and YOU to run two overseas wars | TAX CALCULATOR