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Bank Bill Tug-of-War

Despite fights and name-calling, Dems and GOP hope to have Wall St. regulations on Senate floor by next week

Payback Time for GM

Troubled automaker General Motors repays remaining $5.8 billion in bailout loans — with interest | VIDEO

Sheriff's department holding bike safety event

SHREVEPORT - A bike rodeo is set to take place Saturday at the 'Sheriff's Safety Town' beginning at 9 a.m.. Sheriff deputies will be on hand to teach kids proper safety and riding skills. The event is free, and kids will receive free pads and h

ACORN 'On Life Support'

CEO of ACORN says the group will 'fight to stay alive' after video scandal left them 'limping along' on $4 million a year

Obama Begins Court Talks

President is set to meet with top senators after launching informal talks with potential Supreme Court nominees

Euro Skies Open for Business

Airlines begin to put planes back in the air as officials deem economic fallout from ash mess 'devastating'

Israel Weighs Iran Gamble

Israeli security establishment is divided over whether it needs U.S. blessing if Israel decides to attack Iran

U.N. Helping Haiti — or the U.N.?

EXCLUSIVE: U.N. ups peacekeeping budget for Haiti by millions — and you won't believe where most of it's going

Scientists Fear Air TravelCrisis Could Get Worse

Tremors at Iceland volcano could trigger larger eruption nearby, creating worst-case scenario for airlines and travelers around the globe | VIDEO |

Indoor Tanning Addictive as Alcohol and Drugs

Some people's indoor tanning habits qualify as an addiction similar to being hooked on alcohol or other addictive substances, a new study suggests.