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Oil to Make Landfall Soon

Florida Senator says oil slick is expected to reach land Wednesday and that BP should be held accountable

Tentative Deal on Financial Overhaul

Senate Dems agree to drop a $50B fund that Republicans attack as perpetual Wall Street bailout-in-waiting

Oil Spill Finger-Pointing Begins

White House is in an all-out push to make clear to public and Congress that BP is on hook for cleaning up spill

Grisly Details Emerge in UVA Murder

URGENT: Affidavit says lacrosse star told cops he shook victim and repeatedly hit her head against a wall

Obama Slow to React in Gulf?

While the White House says it anticipated the magnitude of the Gulf oil spill crisis, the urgency was not so apparent

Bin Laden Living It Up in Iran?

Al Qaeda leader lives comfortable life under protection of the Revolutionary Guard, says an ex-chief falconer

Catastrophic Flooding in Southeast

Region braces for yet another round of disastrous flooding that has left 22 dead | VIDEO | FULL COVERAGE

Pakistan Link in Terror Probe

Officials identify person of interest in Times Square bombing attempt as a naturalized American citizen who was recently in Pakistan for several months

NYC Demands More $$$to Fight Terror Attacks

New York officials say the government isn't providing what they need to avoid another attack: cold, hard cash

Supreme Court closing iconic front entrance

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court is closing its iconic front entrance beneath the words "Equal Justice Under Law."