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Back in the Game for Change

Ex-lawmakers dust off campaign signs, come out of retirement and line up to run to get their old jobs back

The Other Iraq Exit Plan

As military focuses on Afghan buildup, U.S. Army plans to spend tens of billions to move equipment out of Iraq

Vatican Official Backed Restoring Priest

In deposition, ex Portland archbishop defended not telling parishioners of allegations against priest he restored

Iran Nuclear Ring Probed

Firm linked to Tehran's nuke program reportedly acquired special hardware for enriching uranium despite sanctions

Bomber Joined in Terror Marriage

Russian newspaper reports 17-year-old Moscow subway bomber was widow of Islamist rebel killed in shootout

FAA OKs Pills for Pilots

Pilots allowed antidepressants, as FAA says it will try to make sure side effects don't 'manifest' at 35,000 feet

Screening 'Traits' at the Gate

Intelligence-based policy rescinds rule that screens passengers from 14 higher-risk countries | VIDEO

New Border Worry: Asylum Seekers

EXCLUSIVE: Mexican drug violence may upend efforts to curb illegal immigrants by giving them valid asylum claim

Army: Gay Ban Still in Place

Army secretary warns that soldiers can be discharged for admitting they're gay, saying his earlier suggestion that 'don't ask, don't tell' policy was suspended was error

Demand for Border Hearing

GOP lawmaker calls for border security hearing after murder of Ariz. rancher believed killed by illegal immigrant