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ACORN 'dissolved as a national structure'

The embattled liberal group ACORN is in the process of dissolving its national structure, with state and local-chapters splitting off from the underfunded, controversial national group, an official close to the grou

Congressmen Say Toyota Misled Public About Recalls

Representatives Waxman and Stupak accuse automaker of relying on a flawed engineering report

Rep. Ron Paul surprise winner of CPAC presidential straw poll

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, a stalwart foe of government spending, won a blowout victory Saturday in the annual Conservative Political Action Conference presidential straw poll.

New York City Terrorism Suspect to Plead Guilty

A law enforcement official says an Afghan immigrant accused of a homemade-bomb plot against New York City has agreed to enter a guilty plea.

Toyota Slapped with Subpoenas for Documents Related to Brake

Federal prosecutors and Securities and Exchange Comission seeking information

Doctors Urging for a Safer, Choke-Free Hot Dog

When 4-year-old Eric Stavros Adler choked to death on a piece of hot dog, his anguished mother never dreamed that the popular kids' food could be so dangerous.

NATO Airstrike Kills at Least 27 Afghan Civilians

A NATO airstrike in southern Afganistan killed at least 27 civilians, the Afghan Interior Ministry said Monday, in an incident that could inflame already heightened sensitivities over noncombatant casualties.

2 Arrested in String of Texas Church Fires

Authorities believe nine east Texas church fires have been deliberately set since Jan. 1.

Marines Corner Taliban Holdouts in Afghan Town

Outnumbered and outgunned, Taliban fighters are mounting a tougher fight than expected in Marjah, Afghan officials said Sunday, as U.S.-led forces converged on a pocket of militants in a western section of the town.

Major Taliban Operative Captured in Pakistan

Mulvi Kabir is considered to be among the top ten most wanted Taliban leaders.