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Air fare is still going up, even as costs go down

 NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Some airline costs are going down, but ticket prices are still going up.

We love working on Thanksgiving!

 Not everybody hates to work on Thanksgiving.

20 years of Tofurky: Why eat fake meat?

 Options for meat substitutes have come a long way since Seth Tibbott's first few Thanksgivings as vegetarian in the 1970s.

10 signs you might be addicted to your smartphone

 They say the first step to overcoming a problem is realizing you have one in the first place.

Phoenix VA chief Sharon Helman fired

 The embattled head of the Phoenix VA was formally fired Monday.

Streets of Ferguson smolder after grand jury decides not to indict officer

 More than a dozen buildings charred, set ablaze in a wave of fury.

More than 100 protests over Ferguson decision planned

 A day after protests over Michael Brown's death rocked Ferguson, Missouri, people across the country made plans to voice their anger again Tu

Obama calls anger over Ferguson decision 'understandable,' but urges peace

President Barack Obama called for calm Monday night, moments after a Missouri prosecutor announced there would be no indictment against the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown.

No indictment in Michael Brown shooting

A Missouri grand jury has decided not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, a prosecutor announced late Monday.