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Canadian couple expecting quintuplets ends up with phantom pregnancy

A Canadian woman convincers her boyfriend and even herself that she's pregnant. Oddly enough, her body responded as if she was pregnant. It was supposed to be a happy and exciting time for this Quebeck couple.

Panel: Rand Paul is 'clearly a factor in 2016'

Rand Paul isn't your run-of-the-mill Republican teasing 2016 ambitions.

White House continues calls to isolate Russia, support Ukraine

The Obama administration said Sunday that action against Russia for its incursion into Crimea is working, as Moscow's economy struggles under sanctions imposed by the United States and other countries.

One person is dead following an auto pedestrian crash in Bienville Parish

One person is dead following a auto pedestrian crash. It happened early Sunday at 1:45 a.m. on U.S. Highway 371 in Bienville Parish just 3 1/2 miles north of Ringgold.

Is homework making your child sick?

New research shows that some students are doing more than three hours of homework a night -- and that all that school work may be literally making them sick.

Search for missing Malaysian airliner turns up no new debris sightings

A growing number of airplanes scoured the southern Indian Ocean on Sunday as the 16-day search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continued, but the end result was frustratingly the same -- nothing.

Elephants escape circus in St. Louis, damage cars in Shriners' lot

What's better than a bull in a China shop? Three cows in a parking lot -- elephant cows, that is.

People cry for help from underneath rubble after 3 die in Washington landslide

 At least 10 people are unaccounted for after a landslide north of Seattle that's already blamed for three deaths, a spokesman for Washington's governor said Sunday.

Texas teen writes officer ticket for improper parking

A teenager in Texas turns the tables on a policeman when she noticed that the officer did something improper. Officer Tommy King, with the Baytown Police Department, patrols the apartment complex and keeps the criminals away.

Orphaned fox in need of another fox around to survive in wild

A rescued baby fox has won the hearts of her caretakers at the New England Wildlife Center in Massachusetts. But they're being very protective and say she needs to find a sibling to survive.