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U.S. Army wants a new gun

 NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The U.S. Army is seeking a new gun.

America's uber rich are getting younger and younger

 NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Americans have one less reason to feel bad for the nation's wealthiest: they are getting richer and younger.

Man loses fight to cancer, pre-written obituary a viral hit

A man's obituary has gone viral after it was published in the Minneanapolis Star Tribune just a few days ago.

Price Wars: Sprint offers to cut your bill in half with switch

Sprint badly wants more customers. So badly that it's offering to cut Verizon and AT&T subscribers' bills in half if they switch over. But the deal is only good on Friday, Dec. 5.

Retired Army vet's service dog denied on U.S. Airways flight

A disabled Army veteran in California says an airline wouldn't let his service dog travel with him. The two were on their way to Hawaii where they were going to lead a session to help suicidal veterans, Liz Gonzalez has the story.

TSA seizes record number of firearms

 (CNN) -- Before you fly this holiday season, don't forget to remove your gun from your carry-on bag.