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The Lone Star State celebrates a Texas holiday

Saturday, Texans celebrated "Confederate Heroes Day." It is a Texas state holiday falling on January 19th. The day is dedicated to honoring those who fought and died for what they believed to be right during The Civil War.

Four year old killed by falling tree in Nacogdoches Co.

 Nacogdoches County Sheriff Office is investigating the death of a four year old child Sunday that occurred on Green Mountain Road in Nacogdoches County.

Facebook has more than 1,100 jobs to fill

 Facebook has 1,159 job openings listed on its corporate site, as the social network company continues its aggressive growth plans.

Mental wellness warriors: Fighting for those who need it most

 Too often the nation only hears about mental illness when tragedy strikes. But there are warriors for mental wellness in many fields, fighting for better treatment and working to defy stigma.

On MLK day, Rand Paul laments 'uneasy coexistence of the two Americas'

 Sen. Rand Paul on Monday invoked the controversial deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown last year in a new opinion piece marking Martin Luther King, Jr.

No charges after Oklahoma police chief shot four times

  No charges have been filed against a man who shot the police chief of a small town in Oklahoma four times, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says.

Can America handle the truth on race?

 Truth and reconciliation. As we mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year, it's worth asking: Can America handle either one?

State of the Union spoilers: What you need to know about Obama's proposal for the middle class

The White House has made it clear recently: President Obama intends to use Tuesday's State of the Union address to make a statement about where Democrats stand on a key issue ahead of the 2016 election -- the middle class.

Grateful Dead reuniting for 50th-anniversary shows

The Grateful Dead is planning on making one final splash -- or should that be "Ripple"?

'American Sniper' breaks January box office records

It was a great week for "American Sniper."