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Just got your drone? Here are 5 things you need to know

So, you got a drone for ChrismaHanuKwanzakah, huh? You could be among thousands -- potentially tens of thousands -- of new drone users after this holiday season, according to industry leaders.

WWI Christmas Truce football match: Fact or fiction?

It's a story which has captured the imagination of the English Premier League and persuaded one UK retailer to use it for its Christmas TV advert -- but did rival armies really turn the World War I killing fields into a football field?

John McCain's next comeback

 John McCain is still angry. But soon, he'll have power and an old enemy, President Barack Obama, is already in his sights.

Is this 'wealth care' or the next big thing in medicine?

How'd you like to have longer appointments with your doctor, without feeling rushed out the door? How about reaching your physician by email or cell phone at all hours?

Google now displays song lyrics in search results

Google is starting to show the full text of song lyrics in search results.

Radio star Casey Kasem buried in Norway

Six months after his death, radio personality Casey Kasem has finally found a resting place.

FDA plan: Gay men who abstain from sex may be allowed to give blood

Gay men who've abstained from sex for one year would be able to donate blood in 2015, ending a lifetime ban for the gay community, under a proposed FDA policy change unveiled Tuesday.

What the 'marshmallow test' can teach you about your kids

The premise is simple: You can eat one marshmallow now or, if you can wait, you get to eat two marshmallows later.

Kentucky man sets woman home on fire after facebook rejection

 FRANKFORT, KY (CNN/WLKY) — Social media can lead to great new connections -- it can also bring unwanted attention.

The end of $100 a barrel oil?

The days of $100 a barrel oil may be a thing of the past, according to the Saudi oil minister If true, that could also eliminate the threat of $3 a gallon gas.