Match Day at LSU Health Shreveport

Friday, March 21, 2014 - 7:20pm

Oh—The places they’ll go! Today 101 LSU Health Shreveport medical students got the anxiously-awaited news of where they will go for training after graduation. The announcements were cheered by more than 500 family, friends, faculty and fellow students at a special ceremony called Match Day. The event is held simultaneously at medical schools around the country on the third Friday in March. Each LSU Health student opened a sealed envelope during the ceremony to learn his or her fate.

Thirty-five of the students will remain in Louisiana for training, including 18 in Shreveport and two who will join the Family Medicine residency program in Alexandria. A total of 126 medical students around the country, including those 20 matched with residency programs here and will train at the University Health Shreveport and University Health Conway teaching hospitals.

Notably, 52% of the soon-to-be graduates are going into primary care residency programs, in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Medicine/Pediatrics, Pediatrics and OBGYN. Four of the students will go on to military hospitals for training.

LSU Health Shreveport Chancellor Robert A. Barish, MD MBA, called this year’s Match “one of the best ever.” He said the number of primary care placements is particularly significant as is the number of soon-to-be MDs who will stay in the state to train. Studies show that physicians are more likely to remain to practice in the areas where they train. That could help ease some of the physician shortage being experienced in Louisiana – particularly among primary care physicians.

This year’s match included a larger than usual number in Emergency Medicine, with eleven. There were 10 in Obstetrics and 13 in Pediatrics. Twelve of the class will train to be surgeons.

The order of students to receive their envelopes is determined by random drawing. One tradition of Match Day at the School of Medicine in Shreveport is for each students to chip in $10 for a pot that goes as consolation to the last student whose name is called on Match Day. This year, the money went to John Shamburg, who will train at University Health Shreveport in Emergency Medicine.

The students in this year’s Match will complete their four years of medical school training and receive their MD degrees in May. Residency training begins July 1. LSU Medical Center will welcome 126 physicians at that time for residency training programs at the University Health Shreveport teaching hospital.

Students matched to programs in all the states surrounding Louisiana and some farther afield, including well-known venues such as UMass, Vanderbilt, Brown, Baylor and University of Texas.


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