Loitering is more than a nuisance

Monday, July 15, 2013 - 7:52pm

Having the entrances to convenience stores blocked is a fairly common occurrence in Shreveport, but when loiterers do that, it can create a ton of different problems, including making customers feel unwelcome.

According to Shreveport Police, panhandlers or people just hanging out by a store can alarm people, putting them on edge,and making them feel uncomfortable. This used to be a common problem at Pinky's in Shreveport's Lakeside Acres neighborhood, but the community motivated them to change.

Once the neighborhood showed their unhappiness to Pinky's employees, the store started to call police whenever they had loiterers. It took a while, but after calling police numerous times, the trend changed.

Pinky's doesn't mind not being the neighborhood hangout anymore; many of the people that were hanging out were only doing that, and not shopping.

Many of the people that used to hang out at Pinky's have not necessarily stopped loitering in general, but instead have found new places to go instead. Shreveport Police remind those business owners that they can call police at any time they feel the loitering can be considered a problem.

In Shreveport, loitering isn't just a nuisance, it's also a crime.


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