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City may ask for help funding parades

SHREVEPORT — The Shreveport City Council may be asking the public to help fund annual parades. The Council says celebrations like Krewe and Holiday in Dixie have cost over $100,000.

Fire captain placed on paid leave

SHREVEPORT - A Shreveport fire captain was placed on paid leave today after being accused of disturbing the peace. The Shreveport Times reports fire Captain Terry Best allegedly confronted and fought his brother's live-in-girlfriend over a car pay

State questions legality of increased license fees

State lawmakers are questioning the legality of the recent increase in driver's license fees.


The United States has big problems with broadband access, speed and cost, but the Federal Communications Commission's solutions may be too weak to have any lasting impact.

Fire Department rehires 8

SHREVEPORT - A handful of firemen are receiving a second chance to serve the area. The Shreveport Fire Department selected eight firefighters that were laid off in other cities due to budget cuts, to start serving the area.

LSU grad student dies after six story fall

BATON ROUGE - An LSU graduate student is dead after police say he fell six stories from the top of the Life Sciences Building on Monday. Two students saw 27-year-old Sarvnipun Chawla fall from the roof of the building.

Missing teen's body found in canal

LAROSE - Authorities recovered the body of a 19-year-old Choctaw from the intracoastal canal in Larose. Jerry Hebert was reported missing Friday after his family discovered he had left early from a seven day shift at Port Fourchon. Sherrif's de

Where Oscar winners will show up next

In Hollywood, you're only as good as your last movie. And when you win an Oscar, the stakes are even higher.

Mace breaks up fight at Shreveport school

SHREVEPORT - A fight at a Shreveport school ended with students and faculty getting maced. The Shreveport Times reports a fight broke out shortly before noon Thursday at the Linwood Charter School after students were being released early.