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Air Show coming to Shreveport this weekend

SHREVEPORT — The 2010 Defenders of Freedom Air Show is coming to Shreveport this weekend. The Aero-Shell Team will be one of many aviation thrills for folks attending the show at Barksdale Air Force Base. They performed a demonstration of

Officials looking for owner of found horse

SHREVEPORT - The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office is looking for the owner of a horse that was picked up earlier this month. If the animal is not claimed, the office will accept bids on the horse April 28th.

Gas leak continues to spread

SHREVEPORT - The natural gas leak in south Caddo Parish has spread. The number of homes asked to evacuate has increased from 25 to 100 on Tuesday. Officials say the evacuation is strictly precautionary, but many residents fear their drinking wa

Inmates to receive victim cards

Prisons across the state are handing out special decks of playing cards to inmates. Each card contains pictures of murder victims. If a prisoner knows anything about the crime, they can make a tip anonymously.

Caddo residents evacuate, avoid dangerous gas wall

SHREVEPORT - Some Caddo Parish residents are being asked to evacuate their homes. Authorities are urging anyone living within a half-mile of Norris Ferry and Debroeck roads. Officials say a gas well is under intense pressure and poses a threat

Police catch 4 car buglars

SHREVEPORT - Four teens were arrested in connection with a string of over two dozen car burglaries. 18-year-old Carlos Marquez, Chase Anderson, Trey Sheppard and 19-year-old Brian Sheppard were all taken into custody Thursday. Police say they s

Body found next to middle school

SHREVEPORT - A body was found Wednesday afternoon by a fisherman in a bayou next to J.S. Clark Middle School in Shreveport. Police have not yet said how long the body had been in the water, nor the gender of the person.

Two-state investigation nets metal thief

SHREVEPORT - A two-state investigation led to the arrest of a local metal thief. 30-year-old Glen Merrell of Keithville faces charges after stealing over 2,800 feet of copper and a laptop. Authorities caught Merrell while he was selling the met

Police tase runaway suspect

SHREVEPORT - A man in violation of his restraining order was tasered early Tuesday morning after he ran from police The suspect also faces charges of aggregated battery and burglary, as well as resisting arrest. The incident happened at the Cen

Prosecutors in Horn trial seeking capital murder charge

SHREVEPORT - Brian Horn's trial was upgraded to a capital murder case Monday. The registered sex offender is charged with the murder of Justin Bloxom. If Horn is convicted under the new trial, he could face the death penalty.