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Deaf woman scamming public

SHREVEPORT - Caddo sheriff's say a deaf woman has been scamming people by selling fake raffle tickets. Authorities say the short, white woman has been posing as a representative for the Deaf Action Center of Louisiana. If you were sold or offer

Oil spill bigger than Rhode Island

Clean up crews work frantically to clean up the spill that now covers over 1800 square miles of ocean. That's bigger than the state of Rhode Island. Authorities say they have begun burning some of the thickest oil in an attempt to keep it from

GM security guard arrested for theft

SHREVEPORT - A General Motors security guard was arrested for stealing 11,000 pounds of copper from the assembly plant. 54-year-old Emile Short was booked for thefts that took place over a 16 month period. The stolen wires totaled more than $23

Minden in dark for 3 hours

MINDEN - The city of Minden was in the dark for more than 3 hours Monday after an important electrical wire was cut. Officials say a city worker accidentally cut a guide wire to a high-voltage power pole while cutting grass, which plunged the Webs

Robotic submarines cleaning up oil spill

Cleanup crews are now using robotic submarines to clean the ocean where an oil rig exploded last week. Officials say the rig is spewing 42,000 gallons of oil into the ocean each day and now affects over 600 miles of water. They are hopeful that

Police squelch cruising problem

SHREVEPORT - Police are continuing to crack down on "cruising." The term refers to people driving their cars very slowly, to show off their flashy rims or sound systems. Police say their efforts have helped to quench the problem of too many peo

Air Show coming to Shreveport this weekend

SHREVEPORT — The 2010 Defenders of Freedom Air Show is coming to Shreveport this weekend. The Aero-Shell Team will be one of many aviation thrills for folks attending the show at Barksdale Air Force Base. They performed a demonstration of

Officials looking for owner of found horse

SHREVEPORT - The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office is looking for the owner of a horse that was picked up earlier this month. If the animal is not claimed, the office will accept bids on the horse April 28th.

Gas leak continues to spread

SHREVEPORT - The natural gas leak in south Caddo Parish has spread. The number of homes asked to evacuate has increased from 25 to 100 on Tuesday. Officials say the evacuation is strictly precautionary, but many residents fear their drinking wa

Inmates to receive victim cards

Prisons across the state are handing out special decks of playing cards to inmates. Each card contains pictures of murder victims. If a prisoner knows anything about the crime, they can make a tip anonymously.