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Fast food restaurant catches fire

A Shreveport Burger King off Line Avenue caught fire Tuesday. They say a broiler in the kitchen caught fire, spreading through the restaurant. No injuries were reported.  

BP and EPA clash over cleanup

The feds and BP continue to clash on how to handle cleanup efforts.

Shreveport plant produces last Hummer

The last Hummer to be made in Shreveport has rolled off the line. The Hummer brand by General Motors was discontinued in late February.

States fight to save wildlife

Louisiana wildlife is taking a heavy hit due to the Gulf spill. Marine birds have especially been burdened by the massive spill and wildlife centers have been doing their best to find and rescue them.

State Representative Burrel running for mayor

State Representative Roy Burrell announced he is running for Shreveport mayor. Mr. Burrel has served in the Louisiana legislature for the past eight years. The primary election is set for October 2.  

City closing 3 railroad crossings in exchange for new one

SHREVEPORT - Residents in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Shreveport say they feel ignored with the recent railroad crossing closures.

Spill bigger than 2 states combined

Experts now say nearly 130 million gallons of crude oil have spewed into the ocean waters. Scientists estimate the oil now covers more than 1,400 square miles, that's bigger than Maryland and Delaware combined.  

BP shelling out cash

BP has paid Louisiana more than $40 million dollars to cover the cost of their busted rig. So far, the state has spent $5 million in efforts to keep the oil from coming ashore.

License fee could get the boot

BATON ROUGE - The state legislation aimed at taking away the extra $15 fee for driver's licenses is making progress.

Researches hit the Gulf to find answers

While efforts are being made to contain the oil and predict it's path, other scientists work to figure out how much is spilling into the gulf.