Local News

Shreveport woman accused of multiple burglaries

A local woman accused of a multi-state crime wave is believed to be responsible for at least two burglaries in Shreveport.

Drought hurting small "you pick" farm operations

Small local "you pick" farmers depend on the public to buy their crops. They also depend on the rain to help them grow--and that hasn't happened this year. The strain on water supply has caused many to end the season early.

Woman arrested for cruelty to a juvenile

Caddo sheriff's detectives arrested a Mooringsport woman after a 4-year-old boy in her care was taken to the hospital with a broken arm, said Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator.

Two arrested after stealing from employer

Two suspects have been arrested in separate cases for stealing from their employers, said Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator.

Two Plains Dealing men arrested on warrants after asking for ride home

Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen says two Plain Dealing men were arrested Monday night after they were found to have active arrest warrants and drug paraphernalia when they asked a Bossier Sheriff’s deputy for a ride home.

Americans still spending on pets

Recent reports show that consumer spending is down...but sales for pet supplies are still rising. Spending on pets jumped by eight percent in 2010. That number is expected to rise to more than $47 billion this year.

Shreveport police investigate overnight shooting

A shooting in west Shreveport has left a local man nursing gunshot wounds and his as yet unidentified assailant on the lam.

Three arrested drug possession

Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen says three people were arrested late Friday night for possession of synthetic marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Man caught with drugs and stolen underwear

Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen says a Haughton man was arrested Sunday evening for possession of marijuana and stealing underwear from a store in Haughton.

Texas man arrested for DWI over weekend

Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen says a Texas man was arrested Saturday evening for driving while intoxicated on Highway 3 just in Benton.